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The state forest department may be celebrating the Forest Survey of India (FSI) report -released earlier this week-Showing a 16sq Km increase in state forest cover. But read between the line and you realize that minus mangroves the state forest cover has gone down by 39sq km.m.


Forest officials said the FSI report stated that the forest cover in the state based on streetlight data was just 7.46 per cent of state's geographical area, which was lower than 7.51 per cent recorded in 2004. The only data to do Gujarat proud is the dense forests, mainly covering the sanctuary areas, which has increased to 376 sq km form 114 sq km in 2004.The reason for increase in forest cover in districts of Ahmedabad, Bharuch, Jamnagar and Kutch is mangrove plantations.


The report stated that the decrease in forest cover was noticed in Narmada, Navsari, Surat and Val sad districts, mainly owing to felling of trees by villagers. Officials said the increase in dense forests was seen in Dangs.Which according to 2009 data was 209 sq km and the same in 2005 was 78 sq km. Surat district, too, saw an increase in dense forest cover with an increase by 57 sqkm. However surat and dangs both have seen a overall decline of nine sq km and two sq km each


The district which saw a increase in cover was Jamnagar (22 sq km), Kutch (seven sq km), Ahmedabad,Amreli,Junagadh recorded six sq km each,Banakantha,Nharuch and Surendranagar districts recorded an increase of three sq km each. District recorded the maximum fall of 11 sq.km.

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Solar Street Light,  Green House Gas (GHG),  Green building ,  Bioenergy - Forest Energy
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Green cover, streetlight forest Forest survey of india ahmedabad gujarat narmada trees
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