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Concerted rainwater harvesting technologies suitable for hilly agro-ecosystems of Northeast India 06th Jan 2011 - Manoj P. Samuel* and K. K. Satapathy
  NORTHEAST India is endowed with a bounty of water resources, accounting for about 40% of the total water resources in the country, i.e. about 
Soil loss and crop productivity model in humid subtropical India 06th Jan 2011 - T. Bhattacharyya, Ram Babu, D. Sarkar, C. Mandal, B. L. Dhyani and A. P. Nagar
  EROSION by water has been considered as the most serious soil degradation problem in the humid tropical and subtropical India. Dhruvanarayana 
Nitrates, agriculture and environment 06th Jan 2011 - E. V. S. Prakasa Rao* and K. Puttann
  Nitrogen is a very important nutrient element in agriculture. In soils it occurs in organic and inorganic forms. Inorganic N occurs primarily 
Use of cost-effective construction technologies in India to mitigate climate change 05th Jan 2011 - Nilanjan Sengupta
  Climate change and India’s initiative   ‘WARMING of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations 
Designing Aluminum Alloys for a Recycle-Friendly World 05th Jan 2011 - Subodh K. Das, Secat, Inc.
  Introduction Recycling aluminum alloys has been shown to provide major economic benefits.  As a result, it is appropriate for the aluminum 
Report to the people on environment and Forests 2009–2010 03rd Jan 2011 - http://moef.nic.in
    Need for the Report It has been the continued endeavour of the Ministry of Environment and Forests to strengthen the policy and 
Guidance and Awareness Raising Materials under new UNEP Mercury Programs 03rd Jan 2011 - Dr R.C.Srivastava
  Mercury distribution in the environment  has been a focus of scientific attention because of the potential health risks posed by mercury 
Impact of heavy metal contamination of Bellandur Lake on soil and cultivated vegetation 03rd Jan 2011 - H. Lokeshwari and G. T. Chandrappa
  THE problem of environmental pollution due to toxic metals has begun to cause concern now in most major metropolitan cities. The toxic heavy 
Biosorption: An eco-friendly alternative for heavy metal removal 03rd Jan 2011 - Hima Karnika Alluri, Srinivasa Reddy Ronda*, Vijaya Saradhi Settalluri, Jayakumar Singh. Bondili, Suryanarayana. V and Venkateshwar. P
  Water bodies are being overwhelmed with bacteria and waste matter. Among toxic substances reaching hazardous levels are heavy metals (Regine 
Packaged Steam Turbine Cogeneration for Process Industries 01st Jan 2011 - Mr. Vijaykumar Dumbali
    Introduction Steam Turbines are one of the oldest machines used to convert heat energy into useful mechanical or electrical energy. 
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