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Hydrology of Small Watersheds Teri
  Fills a critical gap in the area of reliable and accurate scientific data on small watersheds.  Provides valuable 
Project Report on WASTE TYRE RECYCLING & Industry Analysis NESPL
    1.     OVERVIEW OF THE INDIAN TYRE INDUSTRY:   1.1.                     
Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation of Activated Sludge Systems IWA
  Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation of Activated Sludge Systems will: enhance the readers’ understanding of different 
Production and technology of bio-diesel: Ms Madhu Singh Sirohi
The book is based on the work that TERI has been doing in the field of bio-diesel production from jatropha. This unique publication covers the entire 
Environmental concerns and sustainable development: teri press
At the dawn of this 21st century, environmental concerns have received utmost attention from all segments of human society. The extreme abuse of nature 
Air Pollution Control teri press
The air we breathe is being polluted by activities such as vehicles; burning coal, oil, and other fossil fuels; and manufacturing chemicals. Air pollution 
Environmental Management teri press
Environmental Management has become one of the most used terms in recent times. But, what exactly does the term mean and entail? Environmental management 
Management of Municipal Solid Waste teri press
Solid material thrown away as unused from various sectors such as agricultural, commercial, domestic, industrial and institutional constitutes solid wastes. 
Environment Best Practices teri press
Environment best practices: industry initiativesaims to bring to public domain some of the best practices followed in the Indian industry. It focuses 
E-waste: Implications, regulations, and management in India and current global best practices. teri press
E-waste is among the fastest growing waste streams across the world today, with its growth fuelled by exponential growth in the use of electronic equipment, 
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