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  About us

NEPRA - National Environment Protection and Recycling Agency - "NEPRA"  has started environXchange.com to bring together the best possible people and technologies to deliver the most efficient and cost effective solutions for growth & solve environment related problems.

We request you to support us - Donate funds for "NEPRA Initiative" contact info @ environXchange.com 

The Opportunity

There are companies seeking solutions to their problem but are not able to find a solution provider, there are effective products not able to find customers, and much more. All problem has been encountered by me and same is the case for all individuals or businesses. 

What India lacks presently is a platform. A platform to seeking, collaborate and develop an efficient and cost effective solutions for environment related problems. 

EnvironXchange.com is born out of necessity of today's situation, it is a platform for information and technology related to environmentally sensitive issues in India. 

EnvironXChange.com is a portal for the entrepreneurs, government, industry and society at large to interact, share knowledge, resources, policies, projects and publications from different parts of the globe and provide a platform for environmentally conscious businesses

EnvironXchange.com shall become the catalyst for the environment sector. Driving knowledge to one who seek, providing affordable technology, showcasing world class products to the world, hence driving in the real Change the ENVIRON X CHANGE. for a better today and tomorrow.

The Concern

There is a rise in awareness on global warming and the ever increasing impact on the natural environment from the burning of fossil fuels and fast economic development around the world, Environmental issues are becoming area of concern for all individuals, business and policy makers, There is a large requirement of knowledge-based products or services that improve operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste, or pollution. 

India as a country has a big scope of improvement in the area with limited resource available, With India maintaining above 8% growth rate and  increasing pressure from the developed nations on India to cut Carbon Emissions during world climate change meet, There will be an increased consumer, regulatory and industry interest in preservation and generation of clean forms of energy and promotion of the same.

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