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Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling
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Water,waste to be focus for Kotak Mahindra's Funds

Water,waste to be focus for Kotak Mahindra's Funds

Company: Nepra Environmental Solutions Pvt.Ltd-bansi

water and waste management are likely to be tow of the investment focuses of India - based banking group Kotak Mahendra as it looks to raise $ 300 million in private equity funds worth about $ 300 million.The firm is to tap both local and internation...

A New Approach to Recycling

Company: Nepra Environmental Solutions Pvt.Ltd-bansi

Bill Sheehan cofounders the Product Policy Institute (PPI) with Helen Spiegel man in 2003, and serves as its executive director. In his work at PPI, he tackles waste from every angle—from championing waste-reduction methods to promoting cle...

Nitrates, agriculture and environment

Company: Generic

Nitrogen is a very important nutrient element in agriculture. In soils it occurs in organic and inorganic forms. Inorganic N occurs primarily as nitrate in arable soils. Nitrate is subject to various processes such as plant uptake, leachin...

Use of cost-effective construction technologies in India to mitigate climate change

Company: Generic

Climate change and India’s initiative ‘WARMING of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and r...


Company: Generic

Definition of waste Wastes are substances or objects, which are intended to be disposed of, or are required to be disposed by the provisions of national laws. Additionally, wastes are such items which people are required to discard, ...

Designing Aluminum Alloys for a Recycle-Friendly World

Company: Generic

Introduction Recycling aluminum alloys has been shown to provide major economic benefits. As a result, it is appropriate for the aluminum industry and the U.S. as a whole to identify, develop, and implement all technologies that will o...

Solid waste management in non-ferrous industries in India

Company: Generic

Introduction Non-ferrous metals besides gold, silver and platinum are somewhat toxic to living organism. It is therefore important that all the metallurgical industries not only take care of the process of manufacture but also safe d...


Company: Generic

ABSTRACT There is a huge growing requirement of building materials in India due to the existing housing shortage of 24.7 million units{ 2007} mainly for the low income groups in urban India. Estimated urban housing shortage...

Concerted rainwater harvesting technologies suitable for hilly agro-ecosystems of Northeast India

Company: Generic

NORTHEAST India is endowed with a bounty of water resources, accounting for about 40% of the total water resources in the country, i.e. about 60 million hectaremetre. The region is in the highest rainfall zone of the country and enjoys typica...


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Times Resource INDIA  Expo 2011 corner ad01
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