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Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling
Rakiro biotech 1m
Project Report - E waste Recycling

Electromechem is an environmental engineering company, providing all types of Pollution Control Systems.

Electromechem made pollution control plants incorporate a large diversity of treatment technologies ranging from established methods such as extended aeration, static mixers for mixings, diffused inlet parallel plate separators for separation etc. These facilities & designs play an important role in treatment technologies & protecting the environment.

Since many years in industry; all the process, equipment, systems etc has been developed for generating high efficiency. Which in turn gives good production at low cost, better working environment, consistent quality etc.

But whenever the matter comes to the environmental issues it is not the same case. It has not been given due considerations. Now the pollution is a global environmental problem and is rising day by day. Thus it is important for the industries to pay  more attention towards the environment. And We at Electromechem are committed to provide latest techniques to improve our environment in cost effective manner.


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Rakiro biotech 1m
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