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ENERGY INDIA is an Energy, Environment and Power system consulting firm being professionally managed by techno-managerially qualified and long experienced professionals.


It has a highly qualified and long experienced multi-disciplinary group of consulting engineers, energy managers and economists who have undergone intensive training in advanced energy technologies and management as well. The team is capable of providing consultancy services in different disciplines of energy, environment management and power systems. 


It is offering consulting services to many industries in India on the scopes and approaches to their energy management efforts to ensure that their energy consumption is optimized and plant productivity is enhanced.


ENERGY INDIA is empanelled with Petroleum Conservation Research Agency (PCRA), Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India


ENERGY INDIA is also actively involved in the field of engineering and management consulting processes. It has the capability to provide productivity enhancement, comprehensive energy audit, energy management and engineering consultancy  services  of  national  standard.


It is equipped with most of the portable type of energy/environment audit instruments, gadgets and software required for comprehensive energy audit, different aspects of environment management study and analysis etc.


The firm has carried out good no. of detail energy audits in various leading industries in India. It has also implemented various post audit energy conservation projects successfully to achieve sustainable benefits through energy cost reduction and productivity enhancement.


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  • Jet Fibre Pumps & Equipments Pvt. Ltd
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