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Project Report - E waste Recycling
Wastetech 2011
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Team of FAFS expirenced engineers gathered with long term objectives and missions since 1999. FAFS is manufacturing quality filters and replacement filter aliments for Hyraulic Oil, Lubracating Oil, Fuel, Air Gas, Air/ Oil Separators, Panel Filters, HEPA Filters, Micro Filter Elements. FAFS is also mfg. Low and High Pressure Filters, Inline & Return Line Filters and Moisture Separators. FAFS is using Woven S S Mesh, Micro Fine Glass Fiber Media, Resin Impregnated Cellulostic Paper with Different Micron Ratings to Offer Exact " IMPORT SUBSTITUTE ".

Air and Gas Filters Industrial Liquid Filter, Automotive, Drinking Water, Transportation.

Industrial Gas & Air Filters:
Compressed Air Filters & Air / Oil Separator Elements, Gas Turbine Air Filters, Bag Filters,Dust Removal, HEPA, Panel, Micro Vee, Pocket and HVAC Filters, Micro Filters and Steam Filters.

Industrial Liquid Filters:
Bag Filter, Cartridge Filters, Coolant Filters, Elements, Hydraulic and Lub Oil Filters, Suction Strainer & Basket Type Filter, Micro and sterile Filters.

Air and Gas Filter Media:
Glass Fiber Media, Filter Cloths, Ceramics.

Liquid Filter Media:
Wire Mesh and Sintered Metal Media, Stainless Steel, Needle Felt, Coated Papers,  Non-Woven, Woven Fabrics, Mesh Media, Spun-Bonded Non-woven.


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Chokhavatia Associates
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