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Generation of Solid Waste is a natural attribute of all human activities, including agriculture, domestic and industrial. However if not properly managed, wastes can adversely affect environment, health and safety.

Urban population in India constitutes about 20% of the country’s population and is distributed in large towns and in metropolitan areas. Large industrial complexes have also come up in different parts of the country.The waste generated in these urban areas and industrial complexes is of great concern. The four mega polis of India have a daily per capita generation rate of about half a kg of domestic solid waste.

The problems of collection, transport, proper use and disposal have become a gigantic task, straining both financial resources of the civic bodies and their physical capabilities, not to mention the problem of availability of disposal sites. Some of these areas have a population of about 10 million or more and still growing, and the daily production of more than 6,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste is a major management problem.

The introduction of new materials, especially packaging materials, plastics and the like pose a different set of problems of disposal due to their inherent non biodegradability, among others.

The problems of industrial solid waste are different and the nature and quantity depends on the product, raw materials and the process involved this requires careful consideration of management.

Now the time has come when the experts and those interested in solid waste management in the country should come together, examine the practices currently in vogue, assess their suitability in the light of the existing regulations, developed cost effective and environmentally sound techniques and strategies and share such experiences. It is equally important to create awareness among the public on the need for environment sound management of all wastes.

With this in mind, an association called “National Solid Waste Association of India (NSWAI)” has been formed on 25th January 1996. The association is also a member of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), and provides forum for exchange of information and expertise in the field of Solid Waste Management at the international level.


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