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Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling

Noble Eco Systems specialises in Design, Engineering and Manufacture wide range of Electro Chlorinator Systems for varying chlorination applications such as

- swimming pool & spa chlorinators (used in hotels, farm houses, resorts, apartments) 

- fountain electrochlorinators (used in colleges, hotels, commercial complexes, apartments) 

- drinking water treatment plant electrolyzer (used in punchayats, railways, food processing, municipalities & corporations)

- sewerage treatment plant (STP) hypochlorite generator (used in apartments, housing colony, commercial complexes)

- effluent treatment plant (ETP) onsite hypo generator (used in dying industry, pharma plants, tannery, offshore, marine industry)

- industrial electrochlorinator (used in bleaching, desalination, power plant, cooling tower, offshore & sea water intake systems)

- special purpose electrolyzer (we supply demo kit, evaluation kits, science or laboratory electrolyzers)

We are supplying electrochlorinator capacities ranging from 500 gms / hr - 500 Kgs/hr in India. Our systems are popularly known as “Noble Chlor™” uses a State-of-Art technology for the modern day requirements.


  • Sweetech Engineers
  • Green Infra Project Pvt Ltd
  • Jai Solar Systems
  • Voith Turbo Private Limited
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NM Patel filter press 2
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