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Watertech 2011 Category
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Water is the most precious nectar of nature; the lifeblood of every living creature on earth. The problem, however, is that although it circles three fourths of the planet, most of it is unusable. A related concern is that although the population is leapfrogging by the day, total water resources remain exactly the same. This is the reason why we treat water seriously and strive to make every drop count - by rendering it pure and fit for myriad uses.

PGPK AQUATECH formed in 1994 by experienced water treatment technocrats and engineering professionals to apply new technology of Advance Ion Exchange Membrane and Ultra Filteration to industrial processing water and waste water purification and pollution control.

Develop & install Water and Waste water purification systems.


  • Prem Aqua Filteration
  • Rakiro Biotech Systems Pvt. Ltd
  • Grasim Industries Limited (Cement Business Marketing)
  • Indair
  • Acme Air Equipments Company Pvt. Ltd
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