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Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling

The concept of Green Building is essentially based on the premise that economic development and urbanisation need not go against the flow of nature. Green Building principles reflect through the complete building life cycle and are aimed at reducing impact upon the environment. The essential element of green building is to make the most efficient use of resources such as energy, water and material, and to ensure that the building maintenance activities do not burden the environment.

Organisations around the world now increasingly realise that the additional investments in making their structures ‘green’ is not only good for the environment but also  provide long-term tangible benefits  in the form of lower operation costs and higher productivity.Sustainable Design that offers operational returns on investment is a significant and integral concept to designing green buildings.

At Spectral, being greenest is our pride and inherent to our design expertise. The concept of Green Building is intrinsic to the various processes that we develop for building management including lighting, ventilation, air-conditioning, water collection and recycling. 

The concept of Green Building offers the following key advantages:

Environment Friendly
Complying with the LEED green building standards for sustainable site development, our building designs address the environmental parameters at various stages from project planning to project designing. The USGBC LEED Platinum Awards for our various landmark projects in India are testimony to our sustainable design excellence. 

Energy Efficient
Spectral is a strong proponent of environmentally responsible corporate growth. Within our building management solutions, we create various mechanisms for minimising the use of electricity by reducing air conditioning load and by encouraging the use of energy-efficientlighting systems. 

Water Conservation
To deal with the severity of the global water crisis, we optimise our green building expertise to save water in all aspects of building engineering: plumbing, HVAC equipment, rain water harvesting, solar water heating and zero discharge. 

Fire Safety
Spectral designed buildings are fully fire-safe from the perspective of material used and the safety interlocks engineered in the building. Affiliated to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and with a senior NFPA accredited engineer on our team, we offer intelligent smoke detection alarms, water-based fire-fighting and gas-based fire suppression consultancy that complies with the highest international fire safety codes and regulations. 

Excellent Indoor Air Quality
Buildings designed by us maintain the purity of indoor environments by regulating and proportioning the outdoor/indoor air exchange in dynamic proportion to occupancy. This minimises odour and contaminants in the indoor air, thus boosting the productivity of the employees.


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