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Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling
Aquaion Technology - Waste water treatment
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TRIOZON-F Safe & pure water manager, process sanitization in food & pharma industries.Revolution in water sanitization in  INDIA.

Get  Adopted    to   the  changing   World....,  When Computer can revolutionise from conventional methodology,When Common salt can get transferred into  iodized salt, when Common  Landline  communication  into  mobile  technology.

When   processed   bottled   water   can   get    stormed  into mass   selling,    We    are    here   to   change     the    water  sanitation   technology  by    taking  care    of  all impurities like  microbiological,   suspended    particles    and   excess dissolved salts.

Quote here is “No Mechanization  and No  Infrastructural cost” Clean  and safe   water  management  is our  motto.We would   request   you   to be   part   of   our mission. Click here for technical Data

Triozon-f  offers the following Benefits.

Environmentally friendly: Its principal constituent; hydrogen peroxide, does not pollute, as it eventually breaks down into its original, non-polluting constituents, water and oxygen.

Extremly Effective biocide: Far  more  effective  than  sodium  hypochlorite or  bromine

Wide Spectrum, no-gap biocide: Sanitizing disinfectant affective against all bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae, a simple ‘One-Stop ‘ approach.

Destroys biofilm: Unlike Bromine or Chlorine, TRIOZON-F removes the protection that biofilm affords to bacteria and viruses.

Long Term Effectiveness: Has a long lasting residual effect in water and remains stable at high water/air temperatures; its effectiveness actually increases at high temperatures.

Simple Application: Easily dosed into the water supply, using a simple reliable dosing system.

Simple to Monitor:    Product   concentrations  can be easily and accurately  measured.

Safe: In its diluted state it does not cause irritation to the skin,eyes and mucous membranes, nor is it toxic or have any carcinogenic or mutagenic effects.We are dealing with nascent oxygen for effective treatment of water. Please navigate the sections above.


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Project Report - Tyre Waste Recycling
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