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The subtle detail that catches the eye as one walks into a stately office…
The fine nuance that exudes great taste as you step into a modern kitchen…
The sheer elegance that inspires awe as one sets foot into an exquisitely executed interior

Sounds like pages straight out of a coffee table book? Well, the fact is that the lines between imagination and experience are getting blurred – for the better. The transition from staid, unimaginative and opulent furniture and décor, to solutions that are smart, stylish and functional demands a fine fusion of design, technology and above all, insight.

The passion to make this transition – much before modern design idioms became fashionable to talk about – was the driving force for three young engineers. Three young men who set shop with a shoe string budget, a little over 500 sq ft of floor space and loads of imagination, inspiration and determination - to make a difference. The trio set up an outfit in 1990 – calling it V3, a reflection of their staunch belief in teamwork.

Today, V3 is at the forefront of the metamorphosis that is taking the furniture and interior décor space by storm. With the nerve centre at Bangalore, V3 is a force to reckon with – providing solutions that amalgamate style with substance and form with function. Through the OfficeZone, HomeZone and Interiorz divisions, with products and services that span the office, home and commercial spaces, our oeuvre effectively mirrors the organizational credo – Better solutions at work.

From crafting work zones that motivate to home solutions that comfort, to an impressive array of interiors that inspire, V3 is constantly innovating with you in mind.

Dorz (Door solutions from V3) a new generation product manufactured with green concius. The core is packed special honey com made of recycles craft paper.


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